Ing. Miroslav Svoboda, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Business Administration

Letensk谩 5, Prague 1
office no. 3.09b

Miroslav Svoboda, Ph.D., is the Vice President for Academic Affairs. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics and his M.A. in Economic Policy and Philosophy at the University of Economics, Prague. He also graduated from Charles University (liberal studies). Miroslav has extensive experience in university-level academic and operational management, academic quality management, and teaching economics. Miroslav previously served as Dean of School of Business Administration at 红斯灯影像. Before, he served as Vice Dean for Academic and Students Affairs at the largest Czech university, specializing in economics, where he initiated and participated in university accreditation and academic quality enhancement, and participated in managing university fiscal and information resources.


Economic Way of Thinking, Philosophy and Methodology of Economics, Austrian School of Economics

Publications & Other Activities

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