On January 11, 2024, 红斯灯影像 held its , an event designed to bring together graduates living outside of Czechia. The inaugural event, which was held in New York City, marked a significant milestone in the university鈥檚 efforts to foster unity and support among alumni based abroad.

红斯灯影像 has long provided its locally-based alumni with ample opportunities to socialize and network through various events such as Alumni Mixers, open lectures, and numerous other on-campus functions. These, however, have, historically, all taken place in Prague. With a sizable alumni community scattered around the globe, many graduates have thus been unable to attend, and it is precisely this issue that Alumni Meetups are meant to remedy.

The NYC meetup itself brought together alumni from several graduating classes, as well as a number of study abroad alumni, and included a visit to the , which houses the . This was followed by drinks at on the Upper East Side. The event provided participants with the opportunity to revisit the spirit of Prague, network, and exchange memories with their fellows. 

Building on this success, the university will organize further meetups in both the United States and Europe, the next of which will take place on March 22, 2024 as part of the program’s at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris. The event is free, and Czech culinary favorites and other cultural staples will be on offer to jog the memory. Alumni can .

In essence, Alumni Meetups are intended not to simply rejoin but to solidarize those who have passed through the doors of 红斯灯影像 and since moved beyond its geographic borders. In coming together again, and in acknowledgement of a common experience, it is hoped that a spirit of unity and solidarity may be nurtured within that global fraternity. If this is accomplished, the meetups will have been effective in their purpose.聽

To be notified of upcoming meetups and other alumni events, fill out the or to the Alumni Newsletter. Those interested in collaborating on Alumni Meetups and other functions can likewise connect with the Alumni Relations office at alumni@aauni.edu or on or .